Inside the Detroit PROFINET Class

Not everyone knows what to expect at one of our one-day training classes.  For you, here’s a look in pictures and video at the Detroit PROFINET class.

After you get your badge at the registration desk (on the right), and grab coffee and a Danish or fruit (on the left), you enter the classroom.


It’s not all serious, all day.  Here I introduce PROFIman.

Actually, we deliberately try to lighten it up from time to time.
Here we enlighten (as opposed to lighten).  Hunter does the enlightening part.


Presenting a not-very-smooth pan around the classroom: Detroit Classroom


During the breaks there is time to chat less formally.  The countdown timer on the screen at the right tells us how long before we have to be back in our seats.

This is the demo hardware we are chatting in front of.

I discovered a couple more Course Evaluations.  (Well, really Manny had them in his computer bag.)  One of them had a comment: “Very well put together; I love the demo boxes.”  “Love” may be a bit strong, but showing how things actually work is always well-received.