Industrial Ethernet Symposium

I just finished registering for the 2006 Industrial Ethernet Symposium.  This will provide an excellent opportunity for those who want a great introduction to Industrial Ethernet.  Not only is it an opportunity to hear from users who have actually implemented Industrial Ethernet, but it’s a good opportunity to compare the various technologies.  All the major Industrial Ethernet standards organizations will be represented.  As at the past two symposia, Siemens sponsors the event, but all the automation companies are invited.

Why would Siemens sponsor an event and then invite their competitors to come and present?  An ARC Advisory Group survey showed that one of the major reasons users did not take advantage of fieldbus technologies was lack of knowledge.  And this lack of knowledge applied from the plant level to the executive level.  Here is a place to gain that knowledge!  Don’t miss this chance to learn.  I hope to see you there.  “There” is Chicago on October 3 and 4.  More information at