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Improve Safety, Improve Production

“One in-depth study conducted by a group … with a combined exposure of over 50 billion hours, concluded that production increased as safety increased,” reports Charles M. Fialkowski in Safety Instrumented System design is all about the process.”

Although this is somehow counterintuitive, better safety equals better production.  We’ve been preaching this for years.  We even offer a white paper from ARC on our website, “PROFIsafe: Networked Safety for Process and Factory Automation,” that reinforces that point. 

Charles’ article provides the best overview I’ve seen of the process of implementing safety.  Definitely something you should read.  (I actually just recommended an article that doesn’t have my favorite P-word in it!  So, just so you know – you can implement safety over a bus now, like PROFIsafe over PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET, wired and/or wireless.)

Next week I’ll be singing “On the road again…” as I’m headed to Portland, OR for our first PROFINET one-day training event of the year.  We’ve revamped the class this year, so even if you’ve attended before, there are new things to see and learn this year.  Also in Portland we’re holding our first PROFINET Developer Workshop of the year.  (I’ll have a special prize for the first person at either event to tell me they read this blog post.)  More about the training class here and the workshop here.  I hope to see you in Portland… or Montreal… or Toronto… or Cleveland… or…