PI North America Announces New Technical Marketing Director

PI North America, the non-profit trade organization for PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies in North America, is proud to announce the appointment of Nelly Ayllon as its new Technical Marketing Director. PI North America was on the search for a fresh face in the industry to bring a combination of technical skills and marketing capabilities. Nelly’s mixed background and previous technical marketing experience in the automated-test industry are well suited for PI’s Technical Marketing Director position. Nelly holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and an MBA from The University of New Mexico.

Nelly started working with PI North America this past September and has appeared at several of PI’s training seminars. Nelly’s role includes support of PROFINET training classes, PROFIBUS and PROFINET expos, and media presence expansion. During 2018, she will personally support the PROFINET training classes across the country looking to improve vendor-attendee interactions and training materials. Her goals for 2018 are to expand PI’s collateral to be more didactic and accessible for a variety of technical levels, as well as to implement SEO techniques and increase PI’s website accessibility. “PI North America together with our other regional organizations develop effective and high-quality materials, featuring these widely across the web is a crucial opportunity to increase PROFINET knowledge,” she said.