PI, HCF and FF Pulling Together for EDD

EDD Technology will be well-rounded by the organizations HART Communication Foundation (HCF), Fieldbus Foundation (FF) and PROFIBUS International (PI) together. For the operation of instruments with different communication systems, a cooperation with the three major organizations was agreed beginning of February this year. The agreement includes the objective, to complete EDD Technology. A version of the existing and proven EDDL, which was unified in the European project NOAH and adopted by CENELEC, is now available as IEC Public Available Specification (PAS) and on its way of becoming an International IEC Standard by the end of this year. This version will now be round off and passed as a draft international standard to the IEC for vote. “We are sure that the result of the cooperation will finally lead to a complete International Standard, which is expected by end-users since years and which has good chances to be used uniformly with all three