New AnyBus – PCI PROFIBUS Master & Slave PCI Cards

 HMS has now applied its vast experience from over 200.000 sold embedded Fieldbus interfaces, to produce a new family of PCI cards. The new AnyBus-PCI cards give users a cost-effective solution for connecting Field Devices to Industrial PCs.


The PCI cards are optimized for PC-based industrial control and visualization applications and support Profibus-DP & DPV1 functions. All boards are equipped with their own microprocessor to process the complete Profibus protocol independent from the host CPU of the PC. The AnyBus PCI card family includes intelligent Master and Slave versions, providing cost effective solutions for a wide range of PC-based industrial applications. The HMS boards comply to the latest PCI standards and can be used in 3.3 or 5 Volt PCI Slots with up to 33 Mhz PCI bus clock. The cards are designed in the short PCI format and fit into almost every standard PCI slot.


The network configuration is created and loaded into the AnyBus PCI cards with the Windows based NetTool configuration software from HMS. Included with the PCI Cards is a Free OPC Server and CoDeSys Driver.


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