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Highly Dynamic Motion Control Solutions Now Also Available Under PROFINET

PROFIBUS International (PI) began work on the development of a high-performance realtime solution for highly dynamic motion control applications under PROFINET. This solution completes the existing Realtime Solution SRT (Soft Realtime).


By using SRT, PROFINET V2.0 took the first step towards a powerful realtime solution that can achieve cycle times of 5 to 10 ms. This solution completely satisfies the demands of factory automation and is fully compatible with the TCP/IP-Standard. The runtime software is available as a download to PI member companies starting in June 2003 by visiting the PROFIBUS website.


PROFIBUS International is now starting the next step in the development of PROFINET V3. The isochrone realtime solution (IRT) meets all requirements for top motion control applications with respect to performance and clock synchronization. 150 axes can be controlled with a cycle time of 1 ms and a jitter of less than 1