Faster to Market with Industrial Ethernet

The PTO announces a series of four PROFINET Developer Workshops to provide potential PROFINET developers with a wide range of technical information including PROFINET vendor presentations to help them select the best tools to develop their PROFINET compatible products. The workshops are designed for device developers, development managers and product marketers.

Industrial Ethernet is a growing force in factory automation and we want developers to be completely knowledgeable about the latest tools so that they can successfully integrate Industrial Ethernet into their products. The PTO has assembled the major suppliers of PROFINET development tools in one room so potential users can select the development tools that best fulfill their requirements.

Each of the workshops follows a PROFINET one-day training class which is a prerequisite for the workshop.  The half-day workshop builds on the knowledge gained in the one-day training event.  An overview of development approaches will be followed by brief presentations from each of the eight exhibitors.  One-on-one time is provided to discuss your specific product needs with the experts.

Presentations and exhibits by:

Altera Corporation

Grid Connect, Inc.

Hilscher North America, Inc.

HMS Industrial Networks, Inc.

Siemens Energy & Automation

Real Time Automation

Softing North America
An iPod will be raffled to one attendee who visits all the exhibitors.
NEW: Device manufacturers that will be adding PROFINET to their products and attend both the workshop and the preceding training class will be awarded a free training seat in a PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class.  This week long class provides significant depth of knowledge and hands-on experience with PROFINET.  This free training seat is on a space-available basis and is non-transferable.

PROFINET Developer Workshops will be held in

Portland, OR on March 12 COMPLETED

Cleveland on April 3 COMPLETED