Ethernet Basics Webinar Series Announced

Ethernet usage on the plant floor is upon us, whether it has arrived in your facility on a new piece of machinery or whether you are looking at Industrial Ethernet as a network solution on existing equipment. Before you can successfully deal with Industrial Ethernet on the plant floor, you need to understand the basics of Ethernet. We are pleased to announce a three-part webinar series to provide those basics. PROFINET is our Industrial Ethernet, but this series will provide the basics that are applicable to all forms of Industrial Ethernet.


The three sessions and their content are:

  1. Ethernet, an Introduction

    1. Standards
    2. ISO/OSI model
    3. Ethernet, TCP, and IP frames

  2. Ethernet Network Architecture

    1. Office vs. Factory requirements
    2. Network considerations (Full and half duplex, trunking, VLANs, Message types)
    3. Ethernet Switch functions (Quality of Service, port mirroring, IGMP)

  3. Advanced Ethernet Architecture

    1. Ethernet Addressing
    2. Subnets
    3. Routers

You can register for one or more webinars by visiting