Hanover, Houston, and Raleigh

Hanover, Houston, and Raleigh?  Is this a blog or a travelogue?  Maybe both.  It’s certainly travel season in my world now.  In the last month, I’ve been to Portland (OR), Montreal, Toronto, and Cleveland.  I’m headed for Hanover, Germany, this weekend for the Hanover Fair.  I’ll be hanging out at the PI booth all next week (Hall 11, Booth A41).  Stop by and say hello if you are going to be there.  If you can’t be there, no worries – I’ll blog when I can about the sights and announcements at the Fair.  I’ll slip out of the booth on Wednesday morning to participate in the Molex panel discussion on Industrial Ethernet.

As soon as I get home I’ll leave again – this time for Houston and ABB Automation World where I have a speaking slot on Thursday about PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Then a break until May 15 in Raleigh for the PROFINET one-day training event there.  Meanwhile Mike A is off to Boston, Milwaukee, Calgary, AB, Richmond, VA, and Anchorage, AK.  Yes, it’s definitely travel season here… and just when the weather in Scottsdale was getting comfortable (97 today).