Hanover Fair 2014, PROFIpeople

Some PI North America members have exhibits or will be stopping by the booth (Hall 9, Stand D68). Be sure to look them up. Many of our colleagues from the PI Support Center are there: here is Dr. Peter Wenzel:


At the booth reception desk, Wolfgang Quint and Iris Ketterer of the PI Support Center:


PI North America member Innovasic exhibit in the PI booth:Innovasic

Not related directly to PI, but Angela Merkel walks by:


Not related directly to PI, but we did have breakfast with her a couple years ago at Hanover. (Translation: we ate in the same hotel restaurant at about the same time she did.)

She did visit the Siemens booth at Hanover yesterday and was shown an example of automobile production in a factory that uses PROFINET. Sadly, they never mentioned my favorite P-word in the video.

–Carl Henning