Hanover Fair 2011 Part 6: The Lighter Side

What do these have in common: chocolate rabbits, ceramic “iPods”, logoed hard-boiled eggs, happy hour, a band, and stuffed animals (including one “driving” an AGV)?  They were all in the PI booth!

Hanover Fair is not all about the technology and drinking beer; there’s a lighter side, too.

At the PI booth we were giving away chocolate rabbits…

…and eggs with the PI logo on them (it took me awhile to realize they were real eggs) resting on a ceramic “iPod”


For the final hour of the show, the four organizations in the Fieldbus Lounge took turns sponsoring a Happy Hour.


Phoenix Contact celebrated receiving the first certification of a “tiger” chip product, so there were a few stuffed tigers around:


Automated Guided Vehicles combine wireless and functional safety.  Since they’re automated, the driver is really superfluous – a stuffed animal will suffice.  But it’s good to see he’s wearing his safety glasses.  (Oh, and you can “friend” him on Facebook: Knut PROFIsafe):


Have you ever seen a green VW bug?  Not this green though, I’ll bet:


I was staffing the PI booth when I heard music:

–Carl Henning