Hanover Fair 2010 Report

Darn volcano!  Kept me from experiencing Hanover Fair in person this year.  But at least let me share my second-hand Hanover experience with you.

The PI Booth was rather lonely early in the week:

So that presented a good time to get photos of the PROFINET walls and the PROFIenergy wall:

Activity picked up later in the week:

Most of our news actually came out in a press conference in March and reported in the blog on the day of the press conference: PROFINET Wins, Organization Expands, PROFIenergy Products

News from other quarters

Phoenix Contact presented a daily video update from their booth that included some information on PROFIenergy.  You can find those videos on their YouTube channel.

Bill Lydon provided a comprehensive look at the fair from opening through some of the general news.

The darn volcano even provoked an Automation.com cartoon.

–Carl Henning