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Hanover Fair 2008: PROFIsafe

Now I’m at the airport with time for my next to the last observation from Hanover:  I spent some time with PROFIsafe expert Wolfgang Stripf in front of the PROFIsafe display.  Here’s the display:


It depicts an automotive example but applies to any dynamically changing process.  The demo highlights safety functions in drives, dynamically reconfiguring a laser scanner, and integrating AS-I emergency stop buttons.  Incidentally, the red square is a new type of camera-based “light curtain.”  If you look closely at it you can see a little guy in a hard hat sitting on top.  When you place him on the moving car, the laser scanner recognizes that more than the car is passing through and executes a safety stop.  (The laser scanner is the yellow and black box at the top of the panel.)  The new drive safety functions show the different options for creating a safe situation.  It used to be that your only choice was to remove power, but now you also have the ability to go to a safe speed, a safe position, and more.  The emergency stop buttons across the bottom are on the AS-I bus but are brought into the safety system.  It’s hard to see in the photo but some of the devices are PROFIBUS devices and some are PROFINET.