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Hanover 2015: The Lighter Side

I enjoy meeting unexpected people at the fair.  This year that included sitting next to the deputy mayor of Akron, Ohio at breakfast one morning.  (I got my BSEE from the University of Akron.)  Akron has been represented at Hanover Fair for 30 years seeking to attract businesses to locate North American operations in Akron.

I also got to meet Balluff’s tweeter in person because he sought out @AllThingsPROFI.

I spent some time in the OPC booth with OPC colleagues, including one who just left the office here in Scottsdale.  He was here for the Interop held over at Honeywell.

This photo was taken because it was unusual and it was in the booth of PI North America member Lapp.

Lapp Elephant

And finally, the PI booth was right across the aisle from the Siemens booth.  They ran a number of presentations that we could not help but hear throughout the day, including this one:

So that concludes my coverage of the 2015 Hanover Fair.  See you at SPS/IPC/Drives in November or the rest of this week at the CSIA Executive Conference or at a PROFINET one-day training class.

–Carl Henning