Being unable to avoid leveraging St. Patrick’s Day (or at least St. Patrick’s Day ads), I have to talk about the “Saving of the Green.”  Specifically, I want to talk about how PROFIenergy can help save energy costs (and reduce carbon footprints, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generally save the planet).  But since it’s hard to quantify the ROI for those latter savings on the capital expenditure request forms, let’s focus on saving money.  An automotive company energy study showed that even when they were not making cars they were using 60% of the energy as when they were.  PROFIenergy will allow them to reduce that to 20%.  The money savings are in the 5-digit range… per cell.  Any industry can benefit from using PROFIenergy, an application profile on PROFINET that simplifies selective and coordinated machine power reductions during production pauses.  For further information:

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White Paper: “Get Energy Costs under Control

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And for how even fieldbus use can save the planet read “Yellow is the New Green” from the PROFIblog.

–Carl Henning