Gotta Minute?

Gotta minute?  You can learn a lot about PROFINET in a minute.  Inspired by MinutePhysics, PI North America is pleased to present <drum roll please> MinutePROFINET.  Two videos are available so far:

An introduction:

An overview of PROFINET Architecture:

Be sure to watch the PROFIblog or subscribe to the YouTube MinutePROFINET Channel for updates.

Now for a rare behind-the-scenes peak at the MinutePROFINET studio.  Here in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona is PI North America Studio 3B:

This is where the magic high-speed hand of our own Michael Bowne animates.  For the narration, we have engaged the professional velvet tones of… Michael Bowne.  (You can also see and hear the MinutePROFINET star on the road at all the PROFIBUS one-day training classes where he is available to sign autographs with that magic hand… for a nominal fee.)

–Carl Henning