Go Green for Money, not Image

I don’t do well with the whole politically correct thing.  In the one-day training classes we even talk about <gasp> multi-point grounding.  And we talk about the reasons to use PROFIenergy, including AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warning*).  I guess I’m a bit of a skeptic, but it doesn’t matter – it’s still a reason to use PROFIenergy… a reason for your customers!

 Here a couple quotes to support that notion:

 Carbon Disclosure Project notes that most global companies are preparing to de-select suppliers who fail to manage carbon.
Control Engineering

 Wal-Mart Plans to Cut 20 Million Metric Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Supply Chain
Fast Company

 But even if you feel global warming is a farce, your customers may not.
–Amy Radishofski, It’s Not Easy Being Green, But You Have To Be

 I can imagine filling out a capital expenditure request with an ROI of “save the planet.”  I can’t see that being approved; that’s a little hard to quantify.  Fortunately with PROFIenergy an ROI can be quantified.  We recently launched a project to help do just that.  I like the conclusion reached in Wal-Mart chairman: Go green for money, not image.  Money is a green that I understand.

 A few PROFIenergy products are now available with more coming.  To find out more about PROFIenergy:

 PROFIenergy Brochure

SPS Report 5: PROFIenergy

White papers: “Get Energy Costs under Control” and “The PROFIenergy Profile

In PROFInews North American Edition: “Introducing PROFIenergy” and “Announcing a PROFIenergy White Paper

And for how even fieldbus use can save the planet read “Yellow is the New Green.”

–Carl Henning

 *AGW is a long-winded way to say man-caused global warming.  Here in Scottsdale we have plenty of warming already – we hit 113F (45C) this week.