Getting Data to IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (which is a subset of Internet of Things and a subset of Industrie 4.0) needs data.  The data can be used to analyze and feed back improvements to the process.  But how do you get the data? PROFINET!

Yes, PROFINET is ideal for collecting data from sensors and other devices in the production process.  PROFINET typically provides the data to a controller where additional data may be synthesized from the PROFINET-provided data.  Other protocols take it from the controller up; OPC UA is a good complement to PROFINET for this part of the data’s journey.

Of course, PROFINET does more than provide data.  Its diagnostic capabilities contribute to uptime.  And PROFINET is an open standard which even provides open-standard connectivity to non-Ethernet networks and devices.

For an introduction to what we have called the PROFINET of Things, visit the “PROFINET of Things” web page.

–Carl Henning