Get on the Bus

“Get on the Bus” was the working title I used for an article that became “Fieldbus in the Field,” the recent Applied Automation cover story.  Jim Cahill’s recent post “Digital Busses Team Up for Successful Results” made me realize that I had not linked to the article.  The point of the article (as was the point in my comment to Jim’s post) was USE A FIELDBUS.  We can, we have, and we will again quibble over which bus is best for certain applications, but Jim and I agree that you should use one (or more).

I was delighted that one reader was interested enough to drop me an email complimenting me for the lack of bias in the article.  I plan to eventually correct this failing. 🙂  Seriously, when the period of exclusivity with the publisher expires, it will be appropriate to turn it into a white paper by adding additional PROFIBUS- and PROFINET-specific content.  If you can’t wait for the white paper, try one of our archived webinars.

–Carl Henning