from the Mailbag

After each of our one-day training events we send a “Thank You” email that includes additional resources for more detailed information.  No one usually replies to those, but someone form San Antonio’s PROFIBUS class did.  Here was his reply:

Thank you for organizing the class.  It was very informative.  I learned a lot.  You have a good product.  I did not know how good before attending the class.  I had been infected with some misinformation.

The single biggest asset that Profibus has is the seamlessness for complex applications.  A lot of people just take for granted that two or more different buses are required, but Profibus really does seem to have solutions from companies that span whatever is needed for industrial automation.

One last lesson learned from the San Antonio course evaluations: if you sponsor a bar in Texas, it better come stocked with Shiner.  So noted.