Five Things You Should Tell Your Boss about PROFINET

What should you tell your boss about PROFINET? Here’s the list, but the five things all come back to saving money. Maybe that’s why we often see PROFINET “accidentally” spelled PROFITNET.PROFITNET TEST LAB

  1. Legacy protection: you can update a system without doing a rip-and-replace of the existing fieldbus. Just use a PROFINET proxy to seamlessly integrate the old network into PROFINET.
  2. Uptime: PROFINET provides diagnostic capabilities to prevent or shorten downtime.
  3. Open: because PROFINET is an open network developed by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI), no single company has control. Controllers, IO, and other devices are available from a vast array of suppliers. When suppliers compete, users win.
  4. Speedy startup: because all PROFINET products must be certified, products from multiple vendors will work on the same network, from the beginning.
  5. Inexpensive wiring: installers find Ethernet easier to install than traditional fieldbuses. So installation is faster… or use wireless!

Maybe there are more.  What do you think the boss needs to hear about PROFINET?

–Carl Henning