Event Planning

I’m using my time in the office for a couple weeks to plan for the next three months’ events.  You may need to start planning your attendance at some of these:

   PROFINET one-day training events in Chicago, Portland, OR, Minneapolis and Los Angeles
   The PTO General Assembly Meeting
   The Industrial Ethernet Symposium
   PROFINET Developer Workshop
   ISA EXPO 2006

Of course these aren’t the only events the PTO is involved in, just the ones I have personal involvement with.  Mike and Mike will handle PROFIBUS one-day training events (Columbia, SC, Denver, San Francisco, St. Louis) and PROFIBUS in Process one-day training events (Appleton, WI, Richmond, Calgary, Seattle).

The PTO General Assembly Meeting will be held in Scottsdale starting August 1.  The registration deadline is fast approaching, so register today if you’re coming! 

We’ll have 3 user presentations at the GAM.  All are good; one is unbelievable.  Would you be surprised to know that PROFIBUS was used in theater automation?  The lavish spectacle Kā at the MGM Grand features acrobatic performances that are absolutely amazing.  PROFIsafe is also part of the story, as in the safety of 14 actors flying through the air at the same time! (Well not flying exactly; they use winches.)  But the most dramatic use of PROFIsafe is when they… well, you’ll have to come see and hear for yourself.

Less dramatic, but equally interesting, are presentations designed to update you about PROFIsafe.  We’ll have a short presentation during the General Assembly Meeting, but come half a day early to catch the User Overview of PROFIsafe.  Or come on Monday for the PROFIsafe Developer one-day class.  PROFIsafe is only part of the story.  There will also be presentations on PROFINET, wireless, and reports from around the world.

July 5 is the deadline to register, so hurry to the website to register now!  The full agenda is there, too.

The Industrial Ethernet Symposium will be held in the US this year (October 3-4).  This international event has been successful in Europe the last couple years.  I’ll be on a panel with representatives from other Industrial Ethernet technologies. 

ISA EXPO 2006 is back in Houston for 2006 (October 17-19).  Mike B will be presenting on safety and I’ll be presenting on motion control.

PROFINET Developer Workshop is a newly added event to the PTO calendar.  We are tentatively planning it for October 5 in the Chicago O’Hare Airport area.  We’ve heard from control device manufacturers who would like an overview of the development tools available to them.  This one-day workshop will bring together four of the suppliers of development tools to show their approaches.