Ethernet Basics Webinars

One of the challenges we faced in our PROFINET one-day training events last year was trying to balance how much to cover on Ethernet Basics.  Many control engineers were comfortable with conventional fieldbuses, but knew nothing about Industrial Ethernet.  Others were already familiar; some even had IT in their backgrounds.  And the time we spent on Ethernet basics cut into the time we wanted to spend on PROFINET.  What to do, what to do?

Split out the Ethernet Basics to a series of webinars!  So this year the PROFINET one-day training events will focus on PROFINET with only a brief overview of Ethernet.  To fill the void, we’ll have three Ethernet Basics webinars.  You can find details here.

In addition to the three Ethernet Basics webinars, we will probably also schedule a one-hour PROFINET overview.  And perhaps some additional Ethernet Basics coverage if there is a demand for more details.