Double Your Pleasure, Double Your PROFINET

North American users say they expect to double their use of PROFINET within three years according to a recent IMS Research study.

When I received an announcement about the study from its author, John Morse, I knew that as a non-profit we could not afford to actually buy the study.  So I asked John if he could at least give me a few details related to PROFINET.  He graciously consented:

Percentage of respondents that selected PROFINET

Currently       16.0%
In 3 Years      20.5%

Currently       8.7%
In 3 Years      16.9%

From this data I conclude that
in about three years PROFINET use will grow well in EMEA where it already dominates
in about three years PROFINET use will almost double in North America!

This is not really a surprise.  The technology is really that good.  We’ve already seen increased adoption among users and a significant bump in PI North America membership as companies add PROFINET to their products.

By the way, the reason the percentages look small is that most respondents answered “Ethernet TCP/IP” whatever that means.

The IMS report is called INDUSTRIAL FIELDBUS & ETHERNET – A FACTORY FLOOR PERSPECTIVE – EMEA & AMERICAS – 2011 EDITION (Issue 2) and can be found at

–Carl Henning