Aug 1

System Description: PROFINET Technology and Application

PROFINET is a modern concept for distributed automation standards; it is based on Ethernet and integrates existing fieldbus systems (in particular PROFIBUS) simply and without change. This is an important aspect for meeting the demand for consistency from the corporate management level to the field level. Furthermore, it represents a key contribution to providing the user with security for his investment in that existing parts of a system can be incorporated in PROFINET without needing to be changed.
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Jul 31


PROFINET is the leading communication protocol for automation, with 4.5 million devices brought to market in 2017 and a total of approximately 21 million installed devices. The PROFINET basic slide set gives a comprehensive overview on the PROFINET technology. The document goes over a brief overview of the technology and continues with a detailed description of the protocol and many of its features. The final section covers the requirements of Industrie 4.0 and how PROFINET is a future-proof solution.
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Feb 5

Marketing Flyer: PROFINET

The power of innovation of over 1,400 member companies has made PROFIBUS the most successful fieldbus worldwide. PROFINET users can also benefit fully from this advantage because existing PROFIBUS segments can be totally integrated into PROFINET. PROFIBUS & PROFINET International supports vendors of automation and field devices as well as automation system users with the specification of the PROFINET concept, including the engineering concept; availability of the PROFINET software; certification of PROFINET products; support from experienced Competence Centers, etc.
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Feb 3

PROFINET Guideline for Cabling and Assembly

The aim of this PROFINET Installation Guideline is to support service technicians who have to install PROFINET cables, allowing them to professionally complete their job. Background knowledge about PROFINET mounting and cabling is not required. However, a basic technical knowledge of electrical installation is assumed.
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Feb 2

PROFINET Guideline for Commissioning with checklists

The aim of this guideline is to support you when commissioning PROFINET systems. It also provides guidance on the verification of the correct installation of PROFINET systems. Moreover, this commissioning guideline helps with detection and location of possible errors. As a result, this guideline addresses topics relevant not only to commissioning staff but also to service personnel.
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Feb 1

PROFINET Design Guideline with Tool

The goal of this PROFINET Design Guideline is to support engineers who have to design PROFINET automation systems, to facilitate the professional design of plants and to serve as a helpful guide for the step-by-step design of a plant. Background knowledge about PROFINET mounting and cabling is not required. However, a basic technical knowledge of electrical installation is assumed.
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Jan 31

PROFINET Field Devices – Design and Implementation

Development of a PROFINET device or addition of a PROFINET interface to an existing device - these are the tasks for which this guideline is intended. In addition, it contains advice and recommendations - all in the sense of a best practice approach. This guideline addresses mechanics, hardware, software, project management, product management as well as Marketing and highlights.
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Nov 30

Guidelines on Functional Bonding and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET

This document deals with the shielding of PROFIBUS/PROFINET networks and with equipotential bonding in the corresponding plants in non-hazardous areas. The document describes an optimized structure for process automation systems intended to reduce the effects of EMI and disturbances by using equipotential bonding systems.
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Nov 6

PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology

Horizontal communication between automation and field equipment, as well as vertical communication between corporate management level and production, is guaranteed with PROFINET. This guideline describes the passive infrastructure of PROFINET Netd IEC 61784-5-3 (CDV) inside and between the automation islands. This PROFINET guideline is intended to be used by manufacturers of PROFINET cables, connectors, and devices.
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Nov 6

PROFINET Security Guideline

This guideline provides a general introduction to network security and describes a security concept for automation networks. It contains the possible security risks and threats together with basic requirements for security solutions in industrial environments. Additionally it summarizes the most important standardization activities regarding Industrial Security.
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