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Developing a PROFINET Product – Member Resources

We at PI North America and PI Competence Centers like the PROFI Interface Center are happy to help anyone who is developing a PROFINET product.  But we can offer more resources to members.

In my last post I outlined some resources that are available to anyone. This post is about the resources that are available just to PI members.

All PROFINET devices must be certification tested in a PI Test Lab.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to run the tests the lab runs at your own facility before going to the lab?  Members can… by downloading the PROFINET IO Test Bundle.  This bundle contains

  • RT-Tester
  • IRT-Tester
  • TEDCheck
  • Security Level 1 Tester
  • Test Specification PROFINET IO devices
  • PROFINET Specification
  • all PROFINET-relevant Guidelines
  • Test cases for all RT-/IRT-/Security Level 1- tests,
  • GSDML specification
  •  GSD-Checker

Other tools available to members on the international website include:

PROFINET GSD Checker. Use the Checker to check a GSD file, display contents in a table view, check the file validity, and edit with the built-in XML Editor (or call an external XML editor).  Sample GSD files are included as a starting point.

PROFINET GSDML Upgrade Tool. If you need to upgrade an existing GSD file to a higher GSDML version, this tool automates the process substantially.

PROFIdrive PROFINET Profile Tester.  It supports the development of PROFINET IO devices with PROFIdrive or Encoder Profile application interfaces. Use it to prepare for PROFIdrive certification and also as a test tool to run self-programmed test scripts.

Once you get the lab test results, you can apply for a PROFINET Certificate.  Members get a discount on the cost of the certificate.

Now it’s time to market your product.  We can help with that too.  Place your product in the online product guide and announce it in PROFINEWS with a circulation of 130,000.

Test Lab

PROFI Interface Center test lab with wall of tested products

–Carl Henning