Developer Resources

Again in Minneapolis last week, there were a large number of automation device manufacturers.  It’s clear that more manufacturers are adding PROFINET to their products.  On the Course Evaluations there were a number of requests to provide additional information specific to them in our free PROFINET one-day training classes.  Alas, there is little time available to add that.  But we have created some offline resources for developers; please comment below or drop me an email and I will provide those to you.

Other requests from Minneapolis:

More about IO-Link integration with PROFINET
More on Security
More on Vertical Integration

What can I say?  Time is too short.  But that is why each of these sections of the class has one or more links to additional resources.  That’s probably the best we can do for now.

Other comments:

“Very good. First couple hours a little slow, but maybe necessary for some people.”
“Good humor.”

Naturally the first couple hours are my part.  But the point is well-taken.  Part of that couple hours is an introduction to fieldbuses in general.  We put that in a few years ago, because we were getting a lot of questions like “What’s a fieldbus?” But these days, almost all attendees already use a fieldbus.  For next year we’ll probably move that section to a webinar for those who need the real basics before coming to class.

“Good humor.”  I’m always glad to hear that part since my sense of humor is a bit off-kilter.  In fact, my oldest son, who blogs in the Enterprise Feedback Management field, recently instigated this IM exchange with me:

Son: When I think to myself, “Well at least Dad will like that joke,” I should probably delete it.
Me: Why?
Son: Your sense of humor may not be mainstream.

I guess I should not have shared this with the class in Minneapolis since one of the many Dave’s in attendance heartily agreed.  It’s all good though.  My goal for the day is for the attendees to have a little fun and a gain a lot of knowledge.