Can PROFINET Use Ethernet Cables? – Cabling Consideration

When designing a PROFINET network, you should employ the appropriate network components. For example, many people are uncertain about installing standard Ethernet cables in PROFINET networks. Can PROFINET networks use standard Ethernet cables?

You can employ standard Ethernet cables to build a PROFINET network. There is no need for specialized hardware or vendor-specific products. You can utilize standard copper or fiber optic Ethernet cables. Also, PROFINET offers the option for wireless transmission over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Using standard Ethernet components such as switches, cables, or connectors in PROFINET networks is advantageous. Utilizing Ethernet cables in PROFINET projects is a huge benefit, as they are ubiquitous, affordable, and versatile. Currently, many cable manufacturers offer competitive products.

Reliable Ethernet Cables for PROFINET

Commercial Ethernet cables are installed in homes and office environments. Those Ethernet cables are suitable for standard applications but wouldn’t survive on the factory floor.

Industrial applications characterize by rough environments. Equipment in a factory must withstand, for example, extreme temperature, high humidity rates, vibrations, electromagnetic interference, and torsion.

Even though you can employ standard Ethernet cables for PROFINET, it is highly recommended to utilize industrial Ethernet cables.

But, what is Industrial Ethernet?

Within the wire, Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet are the same things. Yet, industrial Ethernet hardware is characterized by ruggedized built, shielding protection, and proper jacketing.

Many vendors offer Industrial Ethernet solutions, and some produce cables specifically for PROFINET, which we call PROFINET cables. They often come with a green jacketing and comply with ruggedized specifications that have been standardized by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI).


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