Bus Wars, Part 3

ARGH!  Bus wars?!  Oh well, I have to accept that these titles sell magazines.   Not a bad article in Control though: “Welcome to the Bus Wars, Part Tres.”  This is about motion control and the key point for PROFINET is that the same Industrial Ethernet can be used for motion and all the other stuff you need.  I’ll be speaking about this in detail at the ISA Expo this year.  Also in Control: “Emerson, Siemens enhance offerings, declare Fieldbus War over.”  But you already knew that if you’ve been following this blog.

Better than any wars, ARC had a great WebForum today on Industrial Ethernet in general and PROFINET in particular: “Industrial Ethernet: Hype or Hero?”  It should be archived here (upper right hand corner) soon.  I know all the presenters so I’m not surprised that they all did a very professional job.  Michael Darnell of Prism Systems presented the cigar application in much shortened form from the presentation he did at the PTO General Assembly Meeting, but it definitely covers the essentials.  Great job of quantifying the benefits of PROFINET’s Component Based Automation (CBA).  Harry Forbes reminded the attendees of the non-partisan nature of the Industrial Ethernet Symposium.  (He spoke last year in Amsterdam.)  There are a lot of reasons why this webcast should be on your must-listen list.