Another Webinar into the Archives

We completed our fourth webinar today – a PROFINET Overview.  With Hunter waiting in the wings to help with the questions, I did all the presenting this time.  (You should find it in the archives first thing tomorrow morning.)  I never really know how these are going to turn out so I was pleased to see these comments in the post-webinar survey:

“The information provided was great and presented in a very professional manner.”

“I thought it provided the main points quickly and effectively.”

“Considering the breadth of the subject, the Webinar covered it well during the short session.”

(There were also some good suggestions for future topics; if you have a suggestion, let me know.  The Industrial Wireless webinar is coming up August 28.)

I did make one mistake though – when I referred to the next full day PROFINET class, I said it was in Austin this week.  I should have checked my itinerary; I fly to Denver tomorrow.  (Austin is in August.)  Anyway, there is still time to register for both Denver and Austin.  There’s even time to register for PROFIBUS in Des Moines tomorrow (July 11).  Mike A is winging his way there right now.

Special note for PTO members: there are still seats available for the PTO General Assembly Meeting.  Sign up soon!