I’m just back from Denver and the PROFINET one-day training class.  We really appreciate attendees filling out a Course Evaluation after the class.  We hear some good things usually, but we also appreciate the constructive criticism.  When you get too close to a technology, the acronyms just roll off your tongue with ease.  We were reminded to step back and do an acronym explanation check.  We’ll be adding explanations for the acronyms to our presentations.  We include a Glossary on the Resource CD we hand out, but that’s not enough.

We heard some good things about the class in Denver, too:

“Very well presented, thanks.”

“Kudos to PROFINET presentation team.”

“Better than some seminars I have had to pay for.”

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Speaking of acronyms, we went way overboard with acronyms in our ad in Automation World this month.  If you missed the ad, visit its website, where we went even further overboard.