2017 New PROFIBUS / PROFINET Products

Since the beginning of 2017 there have been 80+ new products announced with either a PROFIBUS, PROFINET, or IO-Link interface at profinews.com. That’s the result of a quick count I did by counting all of New Product announcements this year: http://profinews.com/category/product-news/

80+ New Products This Year at PROFINEWS

How many others?

And that’s just the ones that have been announced through PROFINEWS. How many more have been released that didn’t get counted there? For example, after our PI Meeting in Beijing back in June, I know of at least a dozen new products released in that country that aren’t counted above. Once in a while a PI North America member company forgets to alert us to their new product. It would be a shame however, if as a member company, you didn’t announce your new product in PROFINEWS. It’s a free member benefit! (send your product announcement text/photo(s) to: editor@profinews.com)

Why count now?

With the SPS/IPC/Drives trade show coming up in November, there are going to be many more new PROFIBUS and PROFINET products announced there. I figured now would be a good time to highlight those released thus far in 2017, since the ones announced at SPS receive their own special attention. And rightly so -many device manufacturers schedule product releases around the event simply for the amplification effect.

–Michael Bowne