2009 Free Class Schedule in Color

During the holiday hiatus, we posted our schedule for 2009 one-day training classes. This joined our previously announced Certified Network Engineer class schedule for 2009. It’s going to be a full schedule in 2009 with 12 Certified Network Engineer classes and 25 one-day training classes. Both types of classes have been very well received an I hope to see you at one this year. Our PROFIBUS and PROFIBUS in the Process Industries one-day training classes are receiving major updates this year, so even if you’ve attended before it will be worth coming back.

Now for the in color part. My new Dilbert desk calendar is in full color for 2009! (I love Dilbert because it reminds me that I am no longer in a big company bureaucracy.) If you are a Dilbert fan, I can recommend the book I just finished reading: Dilbert 2.0. The accompanying CD has all the cartoons from the beginning until last April when the book went to the publisher.

Ok, back to work for a moment. We have not finished our schedule for webinars for 2009 and would really welcome your suggestions for topics.