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Safety Discussion

If you are not following some of the discussion groups on LinkedIn, you are missing out on some excellent advice. One in the Automation & Control Engineering group posed the question “Is Modbus suitable for emergency shutdown?” The short answer… Read more »

News Roundup

“I’m headed for the last roundup” – so sings Gene Autry in an MP3 track I listen to occasionally.  And today we’re headed for the last roundup… for now anyway.  We’ve had a video roundup and a white paper roundup… Read more »

iPar Server

The iPar Server is not an Internet tool for scoring your golf game; it’s a parameter repository to help in device replacement. One of the topics we don’t have time to cover in our PROFIBUS and PROFINET one-day training classes… Read more »

PROFIsafe at ISA

UPDATED (scroll to bottom for additions) In Houston this year I was on the functional safety panel with colleagues from HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation plus one user.  The 45 or so attendees were mostly interested in hearing from… Read more »

Safety Road Report

We interrupt this series on the General Assembly Meeting, to talk about the one-day training classes.  Seems I haven’t had a chance to talk about recent PROFINET classes in San Jose and Kansas City and I’m headed out to Cleveland… Read more »