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SPS 2012: PROFIdrive

PROFIdrive is an application profile that sits above the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communications protocols. It arranges the data in a consistent fashion to simplify the interchange of information. Drive vendors can choose not to use PROFIdrive, but then the drive… Read more »

Industrial Ethernet in Motion Control

Today I viewed the Automation World webcast “Deterministic Ethernet for Distributed Motion Control” (sponsored by National Instruments).  It’s now available for viewing. It covers EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and PROFINET for motion control.  Irene Bearly of NI handled the PROFINET portion very… Read more »


I’m in Cincinnati for a PROFINET one-day training class tomorrow after last week in Toronto and the week before in Milwaukee with a stopover in Cleveland.  I have some reports from all these places coming up, but first… Having arrived… Read more »