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Go with the Network that Works

I enjoy working with editors from the trade press – contributing to whatever topic they’re writing about.  Of course, they have limited space in which to present their topic and they have to include viewpoints from multiple sources.  Having neither… Read more »


It’s not always about the technology – as solid at the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies are.  Sometimes it’s about the people who are the public face of the technologies. When you call the PI North America office during business hours,… Read more »

News Roundup

“I’m headed for the last roundup” – so sings Gene Autry in an MP3 track I listen to occasionally.  And today we’re headed for the last roundup… for now anyway.  We’ve had a video roundup and a white paper roundup… Read more »

On the PROFI Road

Perhaps you’ve noticed – I like talking about PROFINET and PROFIBUS.  Sometimes here, sometimes on the road.  I’m just back from on the road in Seattle and the first PROFINET one-day training class of 2013 (with 10 more PROFINET and… Read more »

Another PROFI Milestone

Any history buff’s out there?  We just published a bit of a retrospective of the PI organization viewed through the lens of newsletters past.  PI began publishing PROFINEWS to an international audience almost 20 years ago, in 1994, more specifically. … Read more »