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What’s Your Name?

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What’s the MAC address of the device you are viewing this from?  The IP Address?  What’s your name?  (My device is called “Carl” since I’m the only Carl in the office.) Wouldn’t it be great if your automation devices had… Read more »

The Industrial Internet of Things Simplified

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I wanted to define IIoT briefly without using phrases like “cyber-physical systems.”  Here’s a start: Industrial Robust Internet Communication of of Things Automation Devices Industrial: Robust, rugged, and other words indicating the kind of quality those of us in industrial… Read more »

PROFINET and IIoT in the News

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There was a time when I was an engineer who engineered. Now I’m an engineer who writes (and edits and teaches).  I edit PROFINEWS and write some articles along with Michael Bowne.  And write for the blog.  And write less… Read more »

More PROFINET and PROFIBUS Statistics and News

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One of the great values at the annual international PI meeting was hearing from the other Regional PI Associations (RPAs).  This year we had presentations from: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Middle East, Netherlands, and North America.  Their highlights:… Read more »

Why Use a Fieldbus?

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There are two main reasons to use a fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet like PROFIBUS or PROFINET: Save wiring. Prevent downtime. Most users think about saving wiring as the most important reason.  Not just wiring, of course.  When you reduce the… Read more »

Also Catching the Process Fieldbus

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I have often recommended James Powell’s Catching the Process Fieldbus: An Introduction to Profibus for Process Automation.  It’s a great start to understanding PROFIBUS.  I’ve even previously blogged about it as “Catching the Process Fieldbus.” It’s been available at Amazon… Read more »

PROFINET Student Tips

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With sixteen free PROFINET one-day training classes around the USA, we probably have one near you.  You should come.  (See the city list.)  Here are some tips to get the most out of the class: Be prepared.  If you are… Read more »

Hanover 2015: The Lighter Side

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I enjoy meeting unexpected people at the fair.  This year that included sitting next to the deputy mayor of Akron, Ohio at breakfast one morning.  (I got my BSEE from the University of Akron.)  Akron has been represented at Hanover… Read more »