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PI North America uses social media, including The PROFIblog  Twitter: @AllThingsPROFI LinkedIn groups: PROFINET, PROFIBUS & PROFINET, PROFIbusters Facebook Profibus Profinet North America YouTube: MinutePROFINET, The PROFIblogger, and PROFI-TV You are probably using some of these also, and we hope… Read more »

What is the Industrial Internet of Things

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What is the Industrial Internet of Things? A. Things that talk to each other B. Just another buzzword C. Ethernet-connected things D. Where industrial automation has been headed all along I think the answer is “All of the Above.” Let’s… Read more »

How to Spend Your Christmas Vacation

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Whenever I think of spending some downtime without the daily pressures of work, I think of Star Trek, especially “The Trouble with Tribbles.” You remember the scene – Chief Engineer Scotty is confined to quarters after starting a bar room… Read more »

SPS 2014 Wrap-up, photo gallery, and videos

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Here’s a directory to PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link news from the SPS/IPC/Drive Fair: Blog series PROFINEWS (There is some overlap between the blog and PROFINEWS, but the blog posts provide more behind the scenes, first-person “reporting.”? New video from PI… Read more »

PI Press Conference – SPS 2014

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Wednesday morning Nov 26 at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair, PI held its annual press conference to announce the latest updates with respect to the technologies. Here are the highlights: PROFINET perfect for machine building PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is pleased… Read more »

SPS 2014 – Around the Fair

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The SPS Fair is huge (22 American football field’s worth), so it is very difficult to walk it all. Instead I targeted a few members’ stands. I missed photo ops at the Balluff and Turck stands, but here are some… Read more »