PROFINET – Why Choose it?

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Last March I posted details from the PROFINET Executive Leadership Forum that we held in Miami the month before: PROFINET Executive Leadership Forum and PROFINET Executive Leadership Forum Day 2

I recently rediscovered the video that was made of GE Intelligent Platforms’ Bernie Anger at the forum.  He talked about influences he expected to impact industrial automation.  He then explained why PROFINET was their choice as their Industrial Ethernet whether those influences had the expected impact… or not.  It’s worth watching the whole thing even though my favorite part starts at 30:25 in (that’s the PROFINET choice part).


–Carl Henning

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  1. wang Jing

    Dear Carl Henning

    I’m interested in the video, however I can’t watch it by website, Maybe exist web blocking. if you have this video, please send it to my mailbox(, many thanks!

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