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Computer History

This post is mostly off the PROFINET and PROFIBUS topics, but there is plenty of engineering-related material here… Prior to the Silicon Valley PROFINET one-day training class, I had a chance to visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View,… Read more »

Five PROFIs and Copper

Off-topic warning – at least off the PROFI topic. On the engineering topic though. PI North America has five PROFIs – PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PROFIenergy, PROFIsafe, and PROFIdrive. Arizona is known for its five C’s – climate, citrus, cattle, cotton, and… Read more »

Engineer’s Holiday

No PROFIBUS or PROFINET in this post; it’s off those topics, but still engineering related.  A Sightseer’s Guide to Engineering lists six engineering sights to see in Arizona.  With this past weekend’s travels I’ve now seen five.  (I have not… Read more »