Oct 14

How PROFINET Works? A Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking for an introductory course in PROFINET? This webinar guides you through the basics of how PROFINET works.
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Jul 16

7 Steps to Develop a PROFINET Device

Explore the 7 steps to embed PROFINET in your product: Implementation options, development paths, solution partners, product certification, and more.
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Jul 9

Digital Transformation with PROFINET

Digitalization, when it comes to industrial networks, is a gem with many facets. But it’s important to realize it’s not futuristic —it’s future-proof.
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Apr 1

Industria 4.0: PROFINET transformando la industria

Nuevas tendencias basadas en Industria 4.0 y el Internet de las cosas están promoviendo la evolución de redes industriales. PROFINET tiene un rol muy importante en esta evolución.
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Apr 1

A Guide to PROFINET Commissioning

Are you working on a PROFINET project? This webinar will give you a guide and useful tips for the commissioning stages.
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Jan 6

Beyond the Basics: PROFINET Optional Features

Learn about several PROFINET optional features: Device Redundancy, Shared Device, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Fast Startup, iPar Server, Time Stamping...
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Jul 10

PROFINET Introduction for Non-Engineering Roles

Regardless of your job title, it will be beneficial to learn more about the underlying protocol in automation products, in this case: PROFINET.
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Jul 5

All You Need to Know: PROFINET and TSN

TSN aims to make Ethernet deterministic by default and provide long term availability. This webinar covers an in-depth overview of TSN and PROFINET over TSN.
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Aug 15

Future Topics for Industrial Automation

Overview and technical details on many of the current buzzwords in the industry: PROFINET, TSN, OPC UA, and APL
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Jun 1

Network Diagnostics and PROFINET

PROFINET has the best in class diagnostic mechanisms, watch this webinar to learn more about diagnostics in your PROFINET network and useful tools and testers for troubleshooting.
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