Technology and Organizational Updates

Dec 1

PI Technologies Everywhere

2019 Application Stories This year, PROFINEWS featured several application stories that highlighted the role of PROFINET, PROFIBUS, or IO-Link in a current automation project. The list below includes all of those application stories. Click on any title below to read the full article. Also, don’t forget, PI North America is always looking for exciting new…

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Apr 15

Another Record Year for PI Technologies

Every year PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) conducts an audited count of installed nodes for PI technologies. They recently concluded its annual notarial count for 2018. As in previous years, the numbers from 2018 indicate a very positive trend! PROFINET continues its accelerated growth and reaches 26 million devices, PROFIsafe and IO-Link surpass the 10…

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Jan 30

New Class Offerings in North America

2-day PROFINET Fundamentals Class (non-certified) PROFINET and PROFIBUS certified network engineer classes continue to be offered several times every year. Students learn how the underlying technology works from the application to the frame level and pass both a practical and written exam to become certified. A 2-day non-certified PROFINET Fundamentals class is now available to fit in tight…

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May 29

Submit your Application Story #PROFINET #PROFIBUS

Last year we featured over 15 application stories in PROFINEWS alone and we look forward to publicizing more PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-LINK application news in 2018. If you have an interesting PROFI-related case study or success story, share it with us! PI’s open standards encourage innovation, and part of it comes from problem solvers and creative minds…

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Apr 25

PI Profile

PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) is a successful organization. Here’s why… First, why only one “P” in the name? When we started, there was only PROFIBUS. PROFINET came along later. I kind of visualize PI like this: The superimposed PROFINET green P is eclipsing the PROFIBUS Blue P in PI. But both are there and…

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Jan 24

The Importance of Open Standards

What makes a standard open? I’ve blogged that question before: Open Standards, Proprietary Standards, and in Between Open Networks: What’s in it for you? We just completed an update to our free PROFINET one-day training class material. In the course of that exercise we uncovered more detailed definitions. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE),…

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Nov 1

PROFINET Classes in New Cities in 2017

We’ve started selecting cities to visit in 2017 with our free PROFINET one-day training classes. (For insight into how we choose, see our rules in Picking PROFINET Cities.) We plan to visit 16 cities in the US and one in Canada in 2017. We bounce back and forth in the country to stay in southern…

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Jan 26

2015’s Most Popular PROFI Stuff

It is traditional to spend time in January looking back and evaluating the preceding year.  In the world of PROFINET and PROFIBUS this was the most popular stuff from 2015: Web page: PROFINET Technology Everything you need to know about PROFINET on one (very long) web page.  But if you would rather download something to…

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Jan 5

Picking PROFINET Cities

PI North America chooses 16 or 17 cities around the continent for each year’s free PROFINET one-day training classes.  Here is our formerly top secret selection methodology: Never on a Monday… or Friday.  Students face an uncertain start of their week so we avoid Mondays.  Fridays are the days engineers scramble to finish tasks for…

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Aug 11

PI North America 10 Years Ago

As we prepare for our 21st PI North America General Assembly Meeting, I decided it was time to take a look back – 10 years back.  The interval was not chosen randomly; I started with PI North America in February 2005.  So I stepped into the Wayback Machine; not Mr. Peabody’s, which has saved…

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