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May 22

Final Observations about STEM

I’m just returned from The Automation Conference in Chicago where STEM was a frequent topic, prompting these final observations. Why is there a skills gap? To quote an old comic strip character: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” There is a skills gap because we talk about it, but we don’t act…

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May 20

More STEM Anecdotes and Resources

Adding to last week’s post about STEM, here are other encouraging observations on STEM education: Boy Scouts now can get a Merit Badge in CAD. This is literally an observation; from the display of merit badges at a grandson’s Eagle Scout ceremony: And another grandson chooses the engineering path: Puyallup junior delves into rocket science….

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May 14

STEM Anecdotes

Multiple anecdotes do not equal data. So this post consists of, let’s call them “observations” instead of “anecdotes,” about STEM (short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the alleged lack of STEM-equipped workers in the pipeline. There are success stories in promoting STEM education to middle schoolers. In one small, remote Alaskan village, all…

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