Dec 16

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: News Roundup

A look at news from SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013 around the Internet. PROFIblog posts News Press Conference PI Booth PI Booth 2 Around the Show PI Booth (Behind the Scenes) Sightseeing From PI, a video look around the PI Booth: PROFInews North American Edition From the Industrial Ethernet Book: “sps ipc drives 2013 Show Report: Welcome…

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Dec 13

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: Sightseeing

Off topic: to get a great price on roundtrip airfare to Germany, I had to stay a Saturday night. So after the show I had time to kill. Carl’s sightseeing photo album: –Carl Henning

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Dec 13

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth (Behind the scenes)

You should watch for Monday’s PROFInews North American Edition to see “official” stories from the PI Booth and the show, but only here on the PROFIblog will you find the story behind the story! So here is a peek behind the scenes: First, to answer the question you’ve been wondering about since my last post:…

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Dec 12

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: Around the Show

PROFINET and PROFIBUS were not confined to the PI Booth at SPS of course. But first, a little about the show and the PI booth, by the numbers: 32 Company kiosks in PI Booth 36 Length of PROFINET Wall in feet 100 Vendors in PI Booth 529 Pounds of “Gummi” logos at PI Booth 1,622…

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Dec 6

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth 2

PROFINET and PROFIBUS at every turn… in the vendor kiosks and PI features around the PI Booth at SPS. Here’s a photo gallery “look around” (click to enlarge and start slide show): And finally, a shortened, but still boring, robot video: –Carl Henning  

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Dec 5

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth

There were familiar PROFINET and PROFIBUS features of the PI Booth: PROFINET Wall, PROFIBUS Wall, Forum, Lounge, and member kiosks. Here’s the overview: Let’s take a look around, starting with the PROFINET Wall: The PROFIBUS wall features a little PROFINET in process applications, too: Also on the PROFIBUS wall was an example of the ability…

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Dec 4

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: Press Conference

The second morning, before the show started, was the PI Press Conference. Even though it is conducted mostly in German, the PI North America staff was in attendance. (Maybe you followed my Tweets live from the press conference: @AllThingsPROFI.) Karsten Schneider, PI Chairman, introduced the event with a reminder of the global strength of the…

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Dec 3

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: News

Thanksgiving is past; Black Friday is just a memory. So, it’s time for the SPS/IPC/Drives Show wrap-up from a PROFINET and PROFIBUS perspective. This will definitely take a bunch of posts! There were several big news stories. Emerson was showing their redundant PROFINET module for DeltaV. This joins their redundant PROFIBUS module. This was their…

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