Application Stories

Oct 20

Herb Elliott Port and Rail Infrastructure

Against the backdrop of an emerging minerals resources boom driven by the economic transformation of China and India, plus, restricted access to existing rail and port facilities, Fortescue was forced to build its own rail and port infrastructure to take advantage of Asia’s growing demand for Iron Ore. In partnership with engineering firm WorleyParsons, construction at the Herb Elliott Port commenced in November 2006 on reclaimed swampland, and first deliveries of iron ore from Cloudbreak mine were uploaded and stockpiled ready for export in April 2008.
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Oct 16

PROFINET builds the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aerospace automation provider Advanced Integration Technology incorporated Safety PLCs, Motion Control, plus safety and standard I/O, all on a single PROFINET network for more efficient, compliant automation. Read this Application Story to find out how they did it.
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Dec 2

PROFINET Does That – Fori Automation

Fori Automation wanted to solve a difficult problem in the aerospace industry with their innovative Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). They needed an automation network that provided motion control, safety, and wireless in a single all-encompassing solution. PROFINET Does That.
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Jul 1

PROFINET Does That – Precision Drilling

The days of “dumb iron” in North America’s oil and gas fields are numbered. That’s the conviction of Darcy Falardeau of Precision Drilling Corporation, who sees modern communication networks like Profinet making drilling rigs and the associated on-site equipment smarter, and making the overall drilling process safer and more efficient.
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Jan 28

PROFINET Does That – GE Appliances

Moving at the speed demanded in today’s business environment, where stiff competition means new products must be made and introduced faster than ever before, requires technologies that simplify production start-ups. For GE Appliances, those technologies include the Profinet industrial Ethernet network.
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Oct 8

KUKA Reduces Machine Safety Components by 85% While Increasing Machine Safety

KUKA Reduces Machine Safety Components by 85% While Increasing Machine Safety.
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Oct 4

PROFINET goes Wireless

In this Application Story we examine how using wireless PROFINET was able to solve connectivity problems in a harsh environment in the steel industry.
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Oct 4

PROFINET in Automotive Manufacturing

PROFINET is used in all aspects of automobile manufacturing: from machining and welding, to powertrain, all the way to painting. Read about it in this Application Story.
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Oct 3

PROFINET modernizes Cigar Production

Very old mechanical processes at a US-based cigar manufacturer were the impetus for a complete factory overhaul, and PROFINET was employed as the network backbone.
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Oct 1

PROFINET in the Steel Industry

Two European companies in the steel industry are examined in how they use PROFINET in the handling of the large steel coils that are transported via automated overhead cranes.
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