§2.9 – Simple Device Replacement

Automation networks are built to run continuously for many years. But, over long periods, automation components can fail or get damaged. The Simple Device Replacement feature is unique within the industry. It allows users to replace PROFINET devices in a fast and effortless manner.

If a device fails, the failed device can be replaced with a new device, without any user configuration. When the user manually replaces the failed device for a new one, the controller detects the new device and assigns the respective IP address, name, and related configuration. There is no need to use engineering tools or reconfigure the network.

There are three requirements for using this feature:

  1. The replacement device must be the same as the device it is replacing
  2. The replacement device must have a blank name
  3. The controller must support Simple Device Replacement

Users can bypass the second requirement by using a controller function. Controllers give the option to allow for name overwrite. If that option is enabled, then the replacement device can have an existing name.