§5.11 – Release Product

Once your device is certified, it is now ready for the market. Make sure your package is complete, including sales literature and web presence. Also, make sure your sales force thoroughly understands the product. GSD files should be included in your package, or preferably made available over the internet.

You may have your own routes to market, but PI can help you:

  • A member-maintained on-line product database at www.profibus.com
  • Electronic newsletters such as PROFINEWS with large distribution lists which can be used to promote your product and generate sales leads
  • Feature member press releases in the PI North America website

These services are free to members. Your local Regional PI Association office (that’s PI North America in North America) will also be able to help by offering the chance to advertise and to exhibit at regional events. The advertising and exhibiting opportunities in North America are detailed here. Most of these are excellent ways to meet new customers and to network with like-minded PROFINET people.

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