§3.4 – Commissioning

There are many resources that you can call on to help with commissioning.

  • A PROFINET Commissioning Guideline is available, together with a separate Word file, which provides protocols and checklists for individual adaptations. The commissioning guideline explains setting IP addresses, PROFINET device names and typical steps to configure real time IO devices with their GSD files, and proper network measurements.
  • Excellent engineering and test tools designed for use with Industrial Ethernet in general – and PROFINET in particular – are available from many sources. Such tools can investigate full Ethernet and PROFINET activity, provide a detailed analysis of parameters such as delays and jitter, and time stamp frames for later assessment.
  • General-purpose Ethernet tools include the Wireshark software analyzer which uses the Ethernet ports on a PC as the analyzer hardware. Wireshark is license free and acts as a sniffer to analyze the Ethernet traffic.

Read the commisioning guideline Here:

PROFINET Guideline for Commissioning with checklists