§5.10 – Certification Test

Conformance testing and certification are mandatory for all PROFINET devices to guarantee interoperability. It is also the primary factor influencing customers to buy PROFINET products.

Prior to the certification test, a vendor ID must first be issued by PI (contact PI North America for help). It is recommended that a system test is performed with PROFINET tools such as a PLC or ProfinetCommander before going into testing. Certification is undertaken by an accredited PI test lab and is carried out in accordance with established and proven procedures. The PI Lab for North America is the PROFI Interface Center, which offers device testing and further information on their website. Simultaneously, CE and/or UL certification is necessary and should be carried out independently.

The test lab tests for compliance with the PROFINET specification and any profiles involved, and also for interoperability with other PROFINET devices. Only when all test procedures are successfully undertaken will PI issue a formal certificate for the device. Accredited PI test labs are qualified to help mainly to certify devices but may also be able to advise on design issues and recommend adjustments to help ensure successful certification.

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