Jul 29

PROFIenergy: Energy Management for Industrial Networks

The motivation for PROFIenergy, the energy management Application Profile… Energy is one of the most significant cost burdens in many manufacturing facilities. Automation components consume a large amount of energy during production. Additionally, energy consumption can also be significant during production-free periods, as shown in orange in the diagram below. PROFIenergy offers energy-saving capabilities in…

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Apr 9

Green, Green, It’s Green, They Say…

Green, green, it’s green, they say… on the far side of the hill AND in Hanover and Stuttgart: On Wednesday, Winfried Kretschmann (center) visited the PI booth. He is Minister-President of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the first Minister-President in German history from the Green Party. He was introduced to PROFINET and PROFIenergy, the technologies…

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Jul 18

Quantitative PROFIenergy Energy Savings

In my last blog post, I mentioned that we were in Lucerne, Switzerland for the PI International annual organization meeting.  One of the presentations we were given was about a recent study conducted by Prof. Dr. Fritjof Klasen on PROFIenergy.  He is from the Institute for Automation & Industrial IT (AIT) at the University of…

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May 27


I love to talk about PROFINET.  I’ve discovered that I’m even happy to talk about PROFINET if there’s a camera running.  We now have two YouTube channels that you might want to subscribe to: PROFItelevision and PROFIblogger. Here’s a five-minute introduction to PROFIenergy from PROFItelevision: Here’s a slightly longer video, a summary of PROFINET benefits:…

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Jul 8

Go Green for Money, not Image

I don’t do well with the whole politically correct thing.  In the one-day training classes we even talk about <gasp> multi-point grounding.  And we talk about the reasons to use PROFIenergy, including AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warning*).  I guess I’m a bit of a skeptic, but it doesn’t matter – it’s still a reason to use…

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Mar 17


Being unable to avoid leveraging St. Patrick’s Day (or at least St. Patrick’s Day ads), I have to talk about the “Saving of the Green.”  Specifically, I want to talk about how PROFIenergy can help save energy costs (and reduce carbon footprints, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generally save the planet).  But since it’s hard…

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Mar 15

PROFINET Wins, Organization Expands, PROFIenergy Products

Lots of news from PI today: PROFIBUS and PROFINET by the numbers I hate to get too wrapped up in node counts, but here are the installed nodes through 2009: PROFIBUS 31,400,000 (5,400,000 in the process industries) PROFINET 2,100,000 PROFIsafe 850,000 Press Release: Healthy growth for PROFIBUS and PROFINET The only thing these numbers really…

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